Everything Included To Help You Feel Safe

This is what we SCAN On Your Behalf.
Every Minute of Every Hour

Scan For Malware

Using the latest malware signatures we scan your website for known vulnerabilities, abandoned and closed plugins 

Scan Your Content

We make sure that your files, posts and comments don't contain dangerous URLs or content that is suspicious

Leaked Passwords

We protect your site against attackers that try to use login information  stolen from data breaches.

Monitor Your Live Traffic

We do this in real time and analyse origin, IP address and time of day

Instant Protection From The Bad Guys

Defend Against Brute Force Attacks

We limit login attempts and enforce strong passwords as well as other login security measures

Block Malicious Requests from Reaching Your Website

We install a WordPress Firewall that effectively prevents any kind of hackers accessing your website

Country Blocking

If wanted we can block visitors from entire countries from ever visiting your website. This can be useful for security or GDPR reasons.

Manual Blocking

We can block entire malicious networks or human / robot activity that indicates suspicious intentions

Keeping Your Website Safe is Our Middle Name

Two Factor Authentication

Included on every plan

Consistent Maintenance

We take the headache of maintaining of your website away from you.

Updated plugins and themes

Your dedicated agent will make sure your plugins and themes are updated 

Daily Backups

Things go wrong precisely when you need them to work.

A backup that can be rolled back is your life vest on a stormy sea.

We'll automatically backup your website so that whenever something happens, we can revert it back in no time.

No vulnerabilities Allowed

Some vulnerabilities are starting as small nuisances that become huge problems unless stopped early in their track.

Your dedicated agent will keep an eye and take proactive measures if vulnerabilities appear.

Performance and Speed

Your website needs to load fast. Really fast.

Otherwise your visitors leave and you get nothing, nada, zilch from their short lived visit on your website.

That's why we'll monitor it for speed and performance

Uptime close to 100%

This is our goal. To keep your website working for you non-stop. Without any hiccup.

Sleep well knowing you're safe.


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