Fort Knox Security and Maintenance 
For Your Business Website

30,000 websites are hacked daily.
Stay One Step Ahead And Protect What's Yours

watch video to learn how attackers try to enter your website through the back door every single day

We use Wordfence Premium, the best technology available to protect your website.

11,496 attacks prevented every minute

100 million websites protected daily

What do Hackers even want from me?
Here are Several Reasons Why they bother 

Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency Hacker-Miners try to access unassuming websites to install mining codes on them.

This way they'll mine visitors for cryptocurrency while making you look like a jerk.

It can sometimes take weeks to discover you even have a problem unless you have a firewall in place to protect you before the attack happens.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning, is used to identify security weaknesses in a computer system. 

Plugins, Themes, Installations have vulnerabilities and hackers look for them to gain unauthorized access, which can open the door to additional attacks.

Server Disruption

Server disruption attacks usually have their own personal motive. Maybe you pissed off a competitor. Maybe your name rings a bell to a hacker and he is flexing his muscles on your website.

These types of attacks have one goal in mind, which is to shut down or render your website useless.

One of the most popular forms of server disruption attacks are Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS.

DDoS attacks are when a hacker continuously pings a certain web server  to overload a website and ultimately, shut it down

Credit Card Information Theft

Online banking has paved the way for cyber thieves to digitally steal from you by placing banking Trojans or malicious lines of code specifically designed to steal money from you or your clients.

Information Leakage

Hackers try to access your personal and private information for various reasons.

They could be trying to assume your personal identity by stealing your Social Security Number or they could be trying to expose a website and its valuable database.

Website Vandalism

Website Vandalism inspired attacks are often done more for a shock factor and to grab people’s attention.

This type of motivation can be politically driven, such as to deface a certain candidate’s website, or could simply be used just as a source of fun.

These days, school districts across the country are reeling from constant Website Vandalism attacks, primarily from its own students.

Stay One Step Ahead Of The Bad Guys.
Let's chat. We'll Keep You Safe

This Is What We Do to make sure
you are out of troubled waters
It's pretty straightforward...

Defend Against Brute Force Attacks

We limit login attempts and enforce strong passwords as well as other login security measures

Scan For Malware

Using the latest malware signatures we scan your website for known vulnerabilities, abandoned and closed plugins 

Scan Your Content

We make sure that your files, posts and comments don't contain dangerous URLs or content that is suspicious

Block Malicious Requests from Reaching Your Website

We install a WordPress Firewall that effectively prevents any kind of hackers accessing your website

Protect You From Leaked Passwords

We protect your site against attackers that try to use login information  stolen from data breaches.

Monitor Your Live Traffic

We do this in real time and analyse origin, IP address and time of day

Country Blocking

If wanted we can block visitors from entire countries from ever visiting your website. This can be useful for security or GDPR reasons.

Manual Blocking

We can block entire malicious networks or human / robot activity that indicates suspicious intentions

Two Factor Authentication

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You Have a Real Person That Makes Sure Everything is In Tip Top Shape and looks after Your website

Consistent Maintenance

We take the headache of maintaining of your website away from you.

Updated plugins and themes

Your dedicated agent will make sure your plugins and themes are updated 

Daily Backups

Things go wrong precisely when you need them to work.

A backup that can be rolled back is your life vest on a stormy sea.

We'll automatically backup your website so that whenever something happens, we can revert it back in no time.

No vulnerabilities Allowed

Some vulnerabilities are starting as small nuisances that become huge problems unless stopped early in their track.

Your dedicated agent will keep an eye and take proactive measures if vulnerabilities appear.

Performance and Speed

Your website needs to load fast. Really fast.

Otherwise your visitors leave and you get nothing, nada, zilch from their short lived visit on your website.

That's why we'll monitor it for speed and performance

Uptime close to 100%

This is our goal. To keep your website working for you non-stop. Without any hiccup.

Sleep well knowing you're safe.


What do our clients say about us

Ciprian already had experience and I didn't. I didn't want to spend the time figuring out the technology in order to go into creating the evergreen product with all of the tools that I use and have.

Amanda Smith

You know what I really enjoyed about working with Ciprian and his team was that they had a whole workflow set up and I saw everything [...] that was just being checked off one by one as each of those actions are getting done. So in short it just made a very seamless and easy. In fact, I didn't have to be very involved at all after giving the initial access information and overview for what needed to be done

Jesse Krieger

Working with Ciprian and his team was a really great very smooth process. They integrated very well into the people I typically use for my back and design stuff so it was really fluid for them or he already knew and had worked with the people that I typically work with. So it was great

Claire Diaz Ortiz


The team behind

Ciprian Soleriu

Founder & CEO

Ciprian is a marketer and serial entrepreneur, with over 7 years of experience.

He will jump in to help you personally if you are stuck and need help.

Andreea Soleriu


Andreea is a mom and a passionate manager. Her strengths are: focus and getting things done.

Some would say she is the better half in the duo. They would be right. 


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