We Take Care Of Your Automated Workflows 
So You Can Focus On Scaling Your Business

With unlimited tasks (see examplesfor all the major marketing automation platforms for a simple monthly flat rate, you'll never have to worry about tech again.

6 Reasons Trusting Us With Your Automations Is
10x Better Than Working With Random Virtual Assistants

We're not billing you by the hour

VAs don't want you to control the way they spend the hours they bill you because... the more they bill, the more they make.

We have a simple flat price for unlimited tasks. Cool, right?

Full Transparency and Easy Communication

We're working with the world's fastest growing project management tool: ClickUp

Once inside your private client area you will see exactly what task we're working on, you can comment in real time and offer suggestions and reply to questions.

We're experts in many platforms, not just one

VAs are usually good at one or two platforms. Because we're working with many clients we're amazing in all the  platforms listed below.

If we don't have a platform listed, shoot us a message and we might add it.

We want a long term business relationship

We are a US based company, with a mission and a desire to grow with our clients, not an individual that takes off when the weather is nice outside and feels the urge to take a swim in the sea.

Our business model is subscription based so we will never try to skin you with a big offer because it's not helping our business model. 

And it's not helping you either

It's easy to budget your monthly cost with Untasks

Andrew, an entrepreneur  friend of our founder, hired a VA for $20/hour and told her to let him know when they reach 20 hours. 

How many tasks will he get done in those 20 hours?

Nobody knows for sure...

Some VAs will reach 20 hours really fast, it's in their interest to get paid faster, not yours. 

This won't happen with us as our service is truly unlimited.

We deliver fast because we want to keep your business

The faster we deliver, the happier you will be.


So it's common sense to execute on all tasks with an "ASAP" mentality, every single time.

Marketing Automation Platforms:

Webinar Platforms

shopping cart software

Other Powerful Platforms We Cover

How Does This Work?


You Submit Your Task 

When you're ready simply submit the job you want done a.s.a.p.

You enter all the details as a new task into our shared (only with you) project manager tool.

Your dedicated account manager will see it, ask any questions and validate it if it's good to go.


We work on your Task

Once your task is validated, your dedicated account manager starts working on it straight away.

You will see progress as it happens and you will know immediately what stage your task is into.


We deliver Your Task for Review

Once done, you'll be asked to review the task and ask for any revisions, if necessary.

In 98.7% of cases there's no need for revisions but if it is, that's what this step is all about.

This should take no longer than 48 hours.


Once Accepted We Are Ready For Another Task

That means that during a month you'll probably get 10-12 tasks done from start to finish.

That's much more than you can get done with a VA for the same amount.


Some Task Examples
(there's much more we do...)

General Tasks

  • Send a newsletter
  • Create Contact Us Form and Sales Pipeline for follow up
  • Connect WooCommerce to Infusionsoft using InfuseWoo
  • Setup E-Commerce for new product launch: product, GST, order form, post purchase sequence, cross sell…
  • Integrate LeadPages to Infusionsoft
  • Integrate Memberium
  • Create a campaign for enquiries
  • Add new product and tie purchase to membership level(s).
  • Create an order form
  • Create a saved search or report
  • Import and segment contacts from CSV
  • Campaign errors, or not sure why contacts are or aren’t entering a campaign? Let us have a look!

Email Automation Tasks

  • set up a new lead magnet process
  • set up a new leadcapture form
  • set up tracking and tagging of email opens and clicks
  • set up a drip campaign based on date of entry into the funnel
  • move subscribers into new list based on their actions
  • tag subscribers based on their actions
  • set up a scoring system based on actions made by your subscribers
  • automate outreach to subscribers that have the right score
  • duplicate existing automation and change entry points, tags
  • ...

Website / Funnel Tasks

  • set up a membership site
  • set up funnel page expiration based on subscriber actions or based on a time condition
  • set up a new lead magnet process
  • set up a new leadcapture form on your website
  • set up a scoring system based on actions made by your subscribers
  • automate outreach to subscribers that have the right score
  • ...

Affiliate Automation Tasks

  • set up the affiliate platform
  • create special links for affiliates
  • set up the affiliate swipe distribution process
  • send swipes to affiliates with their unique tracking URL included
  • ...

Sales Automation Tasks

  • set up a membership site
  • integrate checkout cart with autoresponder to track new purchases
  • when a new purchase is made, trigger a new action into the autoresponder/CRM
  • ...

Advertising Automation Tasks

  • add the Facebook pixel to the website
  • create facebook pixel events that track subscribers actions on the website
  • ...

Simple and Fair Pricing *

Single Task

from $ 49


Single Task $99
Task Bundles

  • 2 Business Days Turnaround
  • Small Tasks - up to 1 hour
  • 100% MoneyBack Guarantee
Unlimited Quarterly

$ 333


Paid Every 3 Months

Try RISK-FREE for 14 Days

  • Save $66 per month
  • 2 Business Days Turnaroud
  • Unlimited Small Tasks
  • 100% MoneyBack Guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime with one click
Unlimited  Monthly

$ 399


Paid month to month

Try RISK-FREE for 14 Days

  • 2 Business Days Turnaround
  • Unlimited Small Tasks
  • 100% MoneyBack Guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime with one click

* Virtual Assistants never offer Money Back or Trials. We're confident that once we start working together you'll fall in love with our process

What Price Is Right For Me?


What do our clients say about us

Ciprian already had experience and I didn't. I didn't want to spend the time figuring out the technology in order to go into creating the evergreen product with all of the tools that I use and have.

Amanda Smith

You know what I really enjoyed about working with Ciprian and his team was that they had a whole workflow set up and I saw everything [...] that was just being checked off one by one as each of those actions are getting done. So in short it just made a very seamless and easy. In fact, I didn't have to be very involved at all after giving the initial access information and overview for what needed to be done

Jesse Krieger

Working with Ciprian and his team was a really great very smooth process. They integrated very well into the people I typically use for my back and design stuff so it was really fluid for them or he already knew and had worked with the people that I typically work with. So it was great

Claire Diaz Ortiz


The team behind

I once wanted to hire a VA for some stuff and she told me 40 hours.
When I told her: I know what you need to do and it's 5 hours tops
Her response: Ok, I can go down to 20 hours - impossible if her price was correct to start with, right?

The sad truth is this: good VAs are hard to find.

That's why we decided to start - because an entrepreneur like you should focus on creating wealth not integrating platforms.

Ciprian Soleriu

Founder & CEO

Ciprian is a marketer and serial entrepreneur, with over 7 years of experience.

He runs will jump to help you personally if you are stuck and need help.

Andreea Soleriu


Andreea is a mom and a passionate manager. Her strengths are: focus and getting things done.

Some would say she is the better half in the duo. They would be right. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Really Unlimited?

Yes, our service is really unlimited.

You can request as many tasks you might have and as many revisions as you might need.

How do we handle your tasks?

First-come, first-served. We create a queue of your tasks, the first tasks that come in are the tasks that we’ll deliver first.
We want to help you meet deadlines whenever possible, if something is time sensitive let us know, we’ll do our best to accommodate your urgency

How does this work?

After your payment is confirmed, we send you a welcome email which contains a confirmation link to get started.

Once your account is set-up, task submissions are approved or disapproved by their displayed "First Delivery" date. 

This is usually anywhere between 1 to 2 business days. If a task is refused, we will offer for you to replace your request in reply to the same ticket which will be treated with priority over our other requests

What is a Small Automation Task

Our focus as a team is doing small automation tasks, really fast, without compromising quality.

There are no big scopes, breaking down projects or quotes.
Small is anything that is defined by us to be less than 90 minutes hour to complete, including communication.

With the endless diversity of quick fixes, it is impossible to exhaustively itemize here, however below we detail some of the most common types of tasks that are included and not included.

In line with our goal of delivering a super streamlined service, our team decides what is small and what is not.
We approve or reject tasks based on our best time estimation of the job.

For a bigger project like full funnel setup, please send us a message at

Do you accept a list of small tasks?

We can only work on 1 task at a time, per client, per the listed turnaround period (including the time it takes to revise any comments).

We do not accept big jobs needing to be broken down, regardless the purchase option or service you subscribed to.

We are best suited for live funnels.

If you are in your build or pre-launch phase, our Subscriptions may not be the right fit for you.

Purchasing tasks or subscribing to a plan and consistently submitting big projects that are not broken down into small tasks, after our requests to revise submissions, or unnecessarily taking time away from our techs for reasons apart from our 1 hour request, may require that we end your service.

Can I Submit Multiple Tasks?

Yes, you can submit as many tasks as you might have.

We’ll queue them for you and work on them following our first come first served policy.

We will not split up your project into small tasks and we do not accept list of tasks.

You have to provide the list of tasks yourself.

Which types of tasks do you reject?

Any single task that we feel risks taking longer than 90 minutes.

Risk assessment is not always related to the task itself but also in how difficult it might be to communicate the idea with each customer.

We don't do repetitive data entry, entire page redesigns, vector artwork or copy.

We are usually good at finding solutions, so feel free to ask us anything. If all else fails, we love to help with our connections and resources.

Do you work weekends or holidays?

Our active work times are Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm GMT. We are closed for all major U.S. holidays. We strongly believe in our employees having a well-balanced life and do not ask them to work outside of these hours to ensure they are always fresh during the week for your requests.

Can you break up a bigger project into many smaller 1 hour tasks?

No. You must separate your job into smaller 1 hour tasks and submit them separately.

It is not possible for us to guarantee or pre-approve a list of tasks.

Although our team sometimes breaks down and suggests submitting a request into 2 tasks, we do this only when we deem it works with our internal submission policies.

If you have a larger project in mind, send us an email at or fill the contact form below

If I subscribe, will I get re-billed automatically?

Yes, you will get automatically billed every 30 days or every 3 months, 1 year, etc. depending on which Subscription option you have chosen.

You may cancel anytime.

If you do not think you will need the service for more than a month, it's best to consider other support options. The quality and value we are able to deliver is optimal when customers sign up for more than a month. 

Can I get a refund?

If you purchase a single task and for whatever reason it falls out of scope with our service and is refused, you can use your credit on another task or receive a full refund of your purchase price.

If something goes wrong after we have started or finished the task, we are all about being fair so please reach out to us. There are on-boarding costs for us (our time), so we just ask for you to be fair with us as we try to work out a solution.

We think there is nothing that good communication can't fix. Please reach out to us at before issuing a chargeback with PayPal or your bank


Send us a message and we'll get back to you

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